More than Ordinary


From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Residential Life:

Just an ordinary stick, that’s all it was.  Moses used it for years for the daily task of tending his flock.  Can’t get more ordinary than that!  But God used that regular old stick in Moses’ hand to do mighty things.  Maybe Moses picked it up out in the wilderness one day, or broke it off a tree near home, we really don’t know.  We just know it was just a normal stick, like any other, used for normal purposes for many, many years, until God got a hold of it.

Are there sticks in your life?  Could a weight room be a stick?  How about a fishing pole and a pond?  Or a track around a field, could that be a stick?  What ordinary things are there in your life that, when lifted up to God, could bring about life-altering results?  I bet there is a kid somewhere among the 615 currently enrolled at Brook Hill that would go fishing with you, if you asked them.  I know of at least three who will work out with you, even at 6:00 in the morning, if you ask them.  How many more will walk the track or explore any of the 280 acres of Brook Hill with you, if you ask them.  They’re just every day, regular old, normal places and things.  But what could happen if they are used for God’s purposes, to connect with a kid, or a dozen kids?  He can still part the waters of a kid’s heart when they have someone like you speaking into it.

Find your stick, offer it up to God, and make a point to use it in a kid’s life.  You will lay down at the end of the day more fulfilled, the child will be better off, and God will be pleased and glorified.