Museum on the Move

The American Freedom Museum traveled to Judy Bunn’s 8th grade Humanities classes on Tuesday to trace the life of the first Chinese immigrant to Texas from the “Gold Rush”.  Chinese immigrant, Sam MarDock, at age 13, made his way from China, to San Francisco, and then to El Paso, in search of gold. He  heard of opportunities to become a land owner in Texas and made his way to the “Lone Star state.” After working on the railroad and learning English and Spanish, he traveled through East Texas to Tyler. Mr. Mardock soon became one of Tyler’s prominent citizens by owning two restaurants, a lumber yard, and an emporium. When Tyler officials were in need of land for Mother Frances Hospital, Mr. Mardock was quick to donate a portion of his land out of gratitude for the numerous opportunities America had provided for him. Students were reminded that God has a specific plan for each and every one of them and will lead them every step of the way to accomplish great things for Him.

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