Resurrection Week Summary

From the desk of Dr. Ward, Director of Campus Life & Ministry:

This year’s Resurrection Week featured various speakers and worship leaders. Here’s a look at what we did this year:

  • On Monday and Tuesday, students heard presentations on the person and work of the Holy Spirit – who The Spirit is and how The Spirit  works in our lives today.
  • On Monday evening, high school students enjoyed live music and lattes and also heard a presentation from Ellen Weingeart about the new Tyler coffee shop, Grounds for Justice, and its work to fight human trafficking.
  • Our sixth grade study hall hosted our worship leaders for conversations on Monday and our speakers for conversations on Tuesday.
  • On Tuesday, our seniors hosted local college ministers Dr. Mark Jones and Joe Osteen who, along with our speakers, shared stories about maintaining faith during the college years.
  • On Wednesday, Parental Care Ministries’ Ugandan Children’s Choir  led our worship time, demonstrating real joy in worship and a confidence in the power of Christ’s resurrection. Students had the chance to fellowship with the Ugandan choir during lunch.
  • On Thursday our middle and high school students went out into the local community, serving a variety of needs at a variety of local non-profit organizations

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