Sophomore College Trip

In 37 hours we…

…bonded on the bus, while on thrill rides, while feeding and petting sting rays, while dining together, and while walking college campuses

…experienced blue skies, warm temps, light winds, torrential rain, major winds, cold temps

…learned about HBU, The University of Houston, and Texas A & M Galveston

…learned that our alumni get so excited when we visit the colleges they are attending

…learned that our alumni are a wealth of information

…received compliment after compliment on the group of “seniors” we were traveling with

…realized that our world is in great shape with the Class of 2017 in its’ future

…understood the benefits of bringing extra clothes and shoes, being prepared, being flexible, and being ready and willing to adapt

…thanked the Lord over and over for wonderful bus drivers

…thanked the Lord over and over for everything

It was a great trip and we are looking forward to seeing where the class of 2017 will choose to attend college!

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