Sound Waves in Physics

In this a physics lab this week, students explored the properties of sound, particularly how the frequency of sound affects the way we hear it. They first used a microphone to record the sounds of two different tuning forks and measured the frequencies of the sound from their data. Students found that a higher frequency makes a higher pitched sound. Then they explored the different sound waves produced by saying the vowel “E” and the vowel “O”. They found that an “E” has a different set of frequencies than the “O”, and well as a different wave shape! The lab served as a great visual of the principles students have been learning in physics recently.

PhysicsSoundLab(TA)-1 PhysicsSoundLab(TA)-2 PhysicsSoundLab(TA)-3 PhysicsSoundLab(TA)-5 PhysicsSoundLab(TA)-6