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Students who participated in parent/student led mission trips, internships, and college trips concluded SPARC week last night in the Lecture Hall with cookies, soft drinks, and presentations. When we turned out the light and walked out the door we felt like we had been a doctor, a lawyer, a veterinarian, a reporter, a journalist, a proofreader, a leader in a nonprofit organization, a photographer with super expensive equipment, a leader in the political arena, a director of public relations, a paralegal, a keeper of the superman horse, a nurse,  a technical computer expert; and also felt like we had been up close and personal on a multitude of college campuses realizing  that college visits help us see how different each campus can be, what our personal preferences are, how dust storms and location can impact our decisions, and how visiting even gives us insight into family members who have gone before us. The presentations were captivating and educational.

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