Sprechen zie Deutch?

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations:

Kenai Walker does, and is currently learning more! Kenai graduated Brook Hill in 2011 and immediately headed to Wofford College, an independent, national liberal arts college of 1,580 students located in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina, a long way from Tyler!  Kenai dropped in to Brook Hill to catch up on the school a couple of weeks ago and we got to catch up on him.  Yes, soccer is still a passion for Kenai and he has added disc golf to his repertoire.

Shortly after stopping by Brook Hill, Kenai left to study in Germany!  During this first half of his studies, he is deeply immersed in the German language.  He then adds math and science to the curriculum….in German!  Some of us have a difficult time understanding math and science in English!  But, that’s Kenai.

When he returns to Wofford later this fall, he will be taking senior level courses and most likely graduate next year.  What degree will he earn?  He actually is considering a triple major!  Stay tuned for more on the journeys of Kenai.

Kenai Walker (second row left) and friends at his language school.

Kenai Walker (second row left) and friends at his language school.