Staying Active in the Texas Summer

Summers in Texas can be brutal. The heat and humidity make enjoyable activities unbearable. If your son or daughter are anything like I was in Texas summers, you may find it difficult to get them off the couch to do something active or creative. Here are a few ideas to get your students out of the house and into God’s beautiful world:

1) Jump in the Water

Whether it’s a pool, lake, or river, find some activities to do that involve submerging in that refreshing  H2O. Your student could even join a summer swim team – it will not only keep them cool, but will keep them active and develop a life-long skill.

You can also take your family to a water park for the day. The Water Park at the Villages and Splash Kingdom are both close, and Hurricane Harbor isn’t too far away. Take advantage of these opportunities to stay cool and have fun at the same time.

You probably need to water your yard during the summer months as well – if you have younger kids, put them in a swim suit and let them run free. You can also get a water slide for a reasonable price and it can provide hours of fun for your kids and their friends.

2) Go to a Camp

Camp doesn’t have to be a huge expense. There are plenty of local day camps that focus on a variety of skills and activities ranging from sports to the arts. We have many of these at Brook Hill, find out more here:

Overnight camps create a rich experience for your student, connecting them with others their age, and usually an older, cool, counselor that’s excited about his/her faith. Your church probably has a camp, and if you’re on the fence about it, maybe you should consider all the benefits this could have for the spiritual growth of your son or daughter.  There are also local summer camps like Pine Cove, Sky Ranch, and Rockin’ C Ranch as well as nationally recognized camps like Kanakuk that provide active, Christ-centered experiences.

3) Play Indoors

Nothing is more fun that playing a round of basketball or volleyball with your friends inside of a nice, air-conditioned gym. You can also join a local gym and play racquetball, run, or lift weights. We’re trying to help students beat the heat this summer by opening our work-out facilities during the week.

4) Go to a Park

The Tyler area has a number of beautiful parks. You can engage in a variety of activities including riding bikes, throwing a Frisbee, drawing, playing music, picnics, and do it all in the shade of trees. You can also head out to Tyler State Park for a hike or a swim in the lake.

5) Pick Berries

East Texas is loaded with berry farms. Head out in the morning to avoid the heat and bring a bucket! Picking berries is not only a fun activity for all ages, but is yummy as well! Then you can use the berries to make cobbler, pie, ice cream, or just to have for a snack.

6) Get Outside in the Morning or Evening

Don’t plan an outdoor activity in the middle of the afternoon. Oftentimes, if you get up early enough in the morning, or wait until dusk, many activities are more enjoyable. Just remember to always stay hydrated! This is the reason we’re offering APEC to our enrolled MS/US students in the mornings before it gets too hot.

7) Practice Art or Music

Being active doesn’t have to mean physical exercise. You can also engage your mind in creative exercise. Use this summer to improve your skills on the piano, or learn how to paint. Sign up for lessons and dedicate a portion of every day to practicing your art.

8) Cook Together

Learning how to cook and bake is an essential skill for your student to learn, plus it is an activity you can do together. Teach your student to grill, bake cookies, or slow-cook a roast. It will not only be fun, but help them when they go off to college.

9) Read a Good Book

Reading may sound nerdy or boring, but the process will engage and broaden your student’s imagination and deepen their reading abilities. It will keep their mind sharp, while also preparing them for the school year.

For a list of popular books from the 21st century, click this link:

For a list of 100 children’s books that have stood the test of time, click here:

10) Take a Weekend Trip to Oklahoma or Arkansas

In just a few hours you can be on a refreshing river kayaking or rafting in the middle of nature’s beauty. There are also hiking trails and camp grounds that provide a cooler environment than East Texas, plus the landscape is inspiring. It can be a great get-away for your family and even friends.

If you want some more tips to not only stay active, but keep your student’s mind engaged, check out this helpful article from Education World:

What are some other ideas for staying active in the Texas summer?