It’s one of the highlights of our year at The Brook Hill Lower School, Community Helpers Day!


Our students have been learning about what community looks like and as a part of that conversation, we had the honor of hosting local “Community Helpers” at the Lower School today for our pre-k and kindergarten classes to meet! Each station provided a different experience and allowed our students to meet men and women in our community who are fighting to help keep us safe.

Members of the Bullard & Tyler Fire Departments, along with police officers, and a “Flight for Life” helicopter from Christus were on campus interacting with students and educating them on what each service provided. The ability to interact with officers and firemen up close allows students to feel safe and grow in their understanding of how to respond when they see these “community helpers” doing their jobs.

Students rotated through stations with their classes and were given the opportunity to ask questions and interact in a small group, hands-on learning environment. A Smoke House simulation was set up and students were taught how to crawl through, how to handle a smokey situation in a building, and to trust the firemen and women who would be at the rescue scene. They also got to explore an ambulance and sit in a police car!

We are so very grateful to the men and women who work to protect our community and love having opportunities like this to partner with professionals in a way that deepens our understanding and provides context for our students. Our hope is that today built confidence in our students as they learned about safety and our community. We believe in equipping each child to be successful beyond the classroom and for us, that starts in our pre-k and kindergarten classes with days like today!

In addition to having so much fun learning about firemen, and police officers, and emergency staff, we had the opportunity to support Breast Cancer Awareness today as a student body through the generous donation of pink t-shirts from American State Bank.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make today such a wonderful learning and community experience for our students in pre-k and kindergarten! For those Brook Hill parents who would like to see more pictures from today, you can log in to your Vidgami account!

As always, it was such a fun and full day at the Brook Hill Lower School!