See You At the Pole is such a significant event for students all over the nation, and has been for many years. To put it plainly, SYATP is a yearly event that gathers students around the flag poles of their schools to pray. They spend time praying for their classmates, their school, their school’s administration, their community, and the nation and world as a whole. It gives Christian students the opportunity to play an active role in ministering to their fellow students on campus. This role really comes in two ways, when you consider their participation in prayer for one another, as well as their leadership in the event. The entire thing is put together and run by students.

This year’s SYATP was held Wednesday morning and both middle and high school students along with faculty and staff gathered at the flag pole in the quad to pray. It was an awesome experience to see so many of our students voluntarily come to school early to pray for our school, city, nation, and world!

Austin Reed, our faculty sponsor for the event said, “I love to see how students take on the ownership that they are a part of the solution to the healing and guidance this world needs.”