The First Chapel for the Lower School: Prayers, Praises, Banana Slugs and The Guard Charge

Mr. Kevin Pierce, Lower School music teacher,  led the very first chapel of the year with praise and worship. Headmaster Fletcher explained the origin of the Brook Hill Mascot, “The Guard”.  Our mascot is just as unique as the Santa Cruz “Banana Slugs”! “It is much more special”, added Mr. Fletcher, “because of the meaning it holds dear.”  Rod Fletcher also shared the Brook Hill Motto called the Guard Charge.



Do you know the origin and meaning behind the mascot? Mr. Steve Dement explains how this came to be:

The mascot “Guard” came to me, Kyle Lake, and Trent McClain as we were walking the property one day in the mid 1990’s. We wanted something unique that no one else had. (There were already too many Eagles, Cougars, Bears, etc.) We thought this would be perfect since we wanted our students to exemplify Christian character. In doing so, they would “guard” their faith, families, country, tradition, heritage, school, and all things they hold dear. We are not the “guards”, as some sportswriters mistakenly write, but rather a unified body of believers, a team if you will, “The Guard.” – Steve Dement