The High Calling of Teaching: Characteristics We Seek Out in Teachers


From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Headmaster:

Before I was a headmaster, I taught. When I was finishing up seminary I began working as a youth pastor, pursuing God’s call on my life to ministry. At first I loved it, but I found myself wishing I could connect with my students while they were at school. A mentor of mine encouraged me to look into being a teacher, and soon I began serving at a private school coaching athletics and teaching math.

Why do I tell you this? Because I wholeheartedly believe that teaching is a high calling. It is not merely a call to help students learn how to add and subtract fractions, it is also a call to shape their character and relationship with Christ. I thought that God was calling me to do that through the church, but I realized that he had a different plan for impacting students with my life. I loved teaching, and still do. The opportunity to connect with students on a daily basis, and to have a life-changing impact on their lives excites me to this day.

That’s why when we look for teachers at Brook Hill, we are very selective. The interview process is rigorous and thorough, involving many people to make sure that the right decision is made. We do this because we believe the student meets the mission of the school through their teacher, and is one of the most influential factors in creating a Christ-centered, college preparatory environment for our students.

At Brook Hill we hire teachers who philosophically understand that their calling is to not only teach their subject with creativity and vigor, but also to teach students the truth in order that they might love God, serve God, and exercise dominion over His creation.

It is our mission to hire teachers who love students, know their subject, are skilled in the art of instruction, are organized, communicate well, have a desire to grow, and are hard-working. We hope that these teachers lead by example, and instill the same Christ-like character in their students.

Just another reason I love Brook Hill!

Brook Hill Teacher Characteristics