The Stock Market Game

From the desk of Jonathan Kegler, Lower School Principal:

This program was introduced by Mr. Bart Lane, a parent of two of our Lower School students. After the program was introduced we sent out an informational sheet to see who would be interested in joining our newly formed club.

We received feedback from about 22 fourth and fifth grade students who wanted to take the opportunity to learn about the Stock Market. During our initial phase of implementation Mr. Bart Lane and Mrs. Becky McCord both volunteered their time to assist our students on Trade Day Tuesday! They were excited to be in the lab with the students and I believe truly inspired by the working knowledge of the Stock Market displayed by the students due to the overall time/preparation put forth by the students.

The Stock Market Game is an excellent tool to help students build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real world skills practice in Math, English, Economics, Social Studies and other subjects as well. Our time spent with The Stock Market Game proved to be valuable time to show students how to come up with a plan to effectively manage $100,000 virtual dollars, work within a team to collaborate, research companies and follow the ups/downs that come with The Stock Market. During our initial semester with The Stock Market Game students worked on writing, reading and math skills during our Monday meetings! The students then met each Tuesday morning to make their deals and decisions when it came to the various stocks that the students purchased. It was exciting as the principal to be able to facilitate an environment that could be likened to a disturbed ant pile as the students truly got into the Trading Tuesdays as they were on the very floor of the Stock Exchange! I truly looking forward to The Stock Market Game growing and more students being exposed to the power of the Stock Market!