Visiting Medieval Times

This past weekend our boarding community went to Medieval Times in Dallas for an entertaining show and delicious food! Students arrived early to enjoy the festivities before the real show began. Once we were admitted into the arena, we took our seats in the red section and warmed up our voices for an evening of cheering.

For those of you unfamiliar with Medieval Times, it is a dining and entertainment experience that takes you back to the middle ages. When you walk into the arena, there are six sections around an oval field in the center. There, six knights ride upon horses and compete in a tournament of medieval games. Each section has their own knight who bears their section’s color. As you feast, you enjoy watching your knight compete to win the tournament, and you cheer him on. You can learn more about Medieval times here:

The most exciting part of the evening was that our knight, the Red Knight, won the tournament! We enjoyed a delicious meal of tomato soup, bread, rotisserie chicken, BBQ ribs, potatoes, and desert! Plus, in the spirit of the middle ages, we ate with our hands! It was a fun and entertaining evening for our students!