Why Brook Hill? A Parent’s Point of View


Jessica Mize teaches math at our middle school and is an assistant softball coach, however (and more importantly) she is also a Brook Hill parent. Like many of our families, the Mize family has made an intentional choice to send their daughter to Brook Hill. When asked about why she and her husband chose Brook Hill, Jessica gave this response:

I was raised in a private, Christian school. Kindergarten through 12th grade. It was not until middle school that I realized there was a difference between private and public schools, and I never really questioned my parents about why they chose to send my sister and I to a private school. Not until I had my own children did I ask my parents why. Their answer…”because we did not want what you were being taught at home (in the way of Christianity, morals, ethics, etc.) to be in conflict with what you were being taught at school. We did not want you to be confused.”

Wow. I had never thought about that. Mostly because I grew up around people that all thought and believed the same way for the most part. It was not until college that I encountered other belief systems, moral systems, and different values and ideals. And it was a major SHOCK!

So, how did all of this bring me to the decision to put my own children at Brook Hill? First, Brook Hill and everything about Brook Hill is a Christ-centered extension of our family. My children are around faculty and staff that are more concerned with where my children spend eternity than anything else.

Brook Hill does not cater to one particular type of child, but rather helps each child identify areas of strength and equally encourages academics, athletics, fine arts, etc. Brook Hill is challenging, and helps push my children past “just getting by.” This is a way of life.

Brook Hill is global. One of the most challenging parts of my life was encountering people with a different belief system than me and having no previous experience with different. Brook Hill has brought the world to us. Our children have the privilege of interacting and doing life with other children from all over the world. Talk about a recipe for new conversations, friendships, and ministry! Oh how I wish I would have had this while going to school and under the guidance from teachers educating in the Truth.

Private school is a sacrifice on many different levels and may not feel convenient. Most alternatives would allow us a completely different lifestyle. But, I cannot put a price tag on the fact that my children have teachers that are more concerned with where my child spends eternity rather than how many A. B. C. D. questions they can answer. They have teachers I would be proud for them to want to imitate. There is no price tag for a school that teaches every subject and address every issue from the Truth found only in Jesus. There is no price tag for a school committed to loving every child. There is no price tag for my children doing school with countries from around the world. And finally, there is no price tag for my piece of mind knowing that my children go to a school focused on Living Pure, Speaking True, Righting Wrong, Serving Others, and Following the King.

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