Are you Taller than an Emperor Penguin?

February 04, 2015

Are you taller than an Emperor Penguin?  Mrs. Dahn’s first graders found out that these penguins can reach 48 inches tall!  Some of our first graders were in fact taller than an […]

How Do You Measure Up?

February 28, 2014

Kindergarten recently combined a lesson about measurement with President’s Day. Students learned that Abraham Lincoln was 6’4″.  Teachers measured each student next to a paper version of Mr. Lincoln and […]

Measurement Matters in Kindergarten

February 07, 2014

These pictures show students cutting out outlines of their bodies for a math lesson about measurement. After cutting out body outlines, students were able to compare lengths of fellow classmates using comparative […]

4th Grade Measures Matter

December 10, 2013

Fourth graders have been learning about the physical properties of matter. They measured length, volume and mass of different kinds of matter, and learned to use the appropriate tools and […]