Discovering decomposition outside during lab

April 03,

In this activity, students studied the process of decomposition through exploration and discussion outside of the classroom.  Students then had to create displays of actual decomposition in nature and present them to their peers.

Silver grows on copper wire this week in lab

December 01, 2016

“We have been learning how chemical reactions require certain ratios of reactants and produce certain amounts of products, much like a recipe for a cake or cookies,” Travis Bunger said. “We went into the lab to observe what happens when you place a copper wire into a silver nitrate solution. Initially the wire turns black […]

Dissecting Pigs in Biology

April 15, 2016

To augment their understanding of body systems, Pre-AP Biology students dissected fetal pigs.  The students were introduced to basic anatomical terms and gross anatomy of internal and external structures during the lab. Afterwards, we recapped what we learned and discovered in the classroom as we went through our diagrams and findings.    

Investigating Fingerprints in the Biology Lab

March 04, 2016

Dual Credit Biology students were science sleuths this week as they sought to identify a crime scene suspect.  DNA samples from the crime scene and suspects were loaded into a gel plate and separated into DNA fragments by running a current through the gel.  This process, electrophoresis, allows for the visualization of a DNA fingerprint […]