Brook Hill Takes Safety & Security Seriously

September 20, 2019

Your child’s safety and security is a number one priority here at Brook Hill!   We believe that students who feel safe and secure at school are students who have the freedom to learn and grow in the community. We understand that you’re trusting us as a school to ensure that our campus and activities […]

Pre-K caps off vision and hearing screening

November 10, 2016

Today Mrs. Haugh and Mrs. Bell’s classes capped off lower school’s vision and hearing screening with Nurse Franks. Vision and Hearing Screening is a brief test to determine whether a student’s vision and hearing falls within the normal range. Screening answers only one question: does the student show possible problems that indicate the need for further assessment? […]

Brook Hill Participates in the “Teal Pumpkin Project”

October 14, 2016

For this year’s annual Fall Festival, Brook Hill will be participating in the “The Teal Pumpkin Project.” The goal of the Teal Pumpkin Project is to raise awareness about food allergies during the Halloween season. This project will help make the Fall Festival and “Trunk or Treat” more fun for kids who have food allergies. […]

Brook Hill Bus at a Stop Near You

August 26, 2016

From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Operations: For the 2016/17 school year, The Brook Hill School is pleased to offer a new transportation service for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Each morning of the school week, Brook Hill will send two buses into Tyler and one bus into Jacksonville to collect students. […]

Taking Campus Safety to the Next Level

August 11, 2016

Dear Brook Hill Families, I hope that you have had a pleasant and relaxing summer and are looking forward to a great school year. Throughout the summer, we have been working diligently to ensure that our students have a wonderful, safe, and productive 2016-2017 school year. In our continuing efforts to provide a safe and […]

Year One

January 22, 2016

From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Finance & Operations: “The first year is always the most difficult.” So said one of Flik’s Regional Chef Managers, David Langenstein, during his recent visit to The Brook Hill School. David oversees the food operations in sixty different schools throughout North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic region of the United […]

The Return of Chicken Crepes

December 11, 2015

From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Finance & Operations: While teaching accounting, economics and personal finance on a part-time basis at Brook Hill last spring, I quickly learned a few things about the Brook Hill community: Brook Hill’s school spirit is palpable; being “All Orange” really is the equivalent of being “all in”; and crepes […]

We Would Love Your Feedback

December 04, 2015

From the desk of Tony Welty, Director of Finance & Operations: One of the great features of our new relationship with Flik Independent Dining Services is the existence of a Customer Feedback Survey built into Brook Hill’s website. The survey can be accessed by either going directly to http://myschooldining.com/brookhill or clicking on the ‘Parents & […]