Middle School


Middle School science takes class outside

December 12, 2018

The 6th graders participated in an outdoor science lesson called “Nature Sleuths.” In this activity, the students were challenged to use their observation skills to find different items in nature, such as examples of camouflage, predators, and cycles. The purpose of this activity was to stretch students’ comprehension by challenging them to apply the science […]

Middle and Upper School Christmas Chapel

December 12, 2018

The Upper and Middle School Student Body and Faculty all enjoyed a special chapel this past Wednesday.  The Christmas story was read by different students throughout each chapel.  The Show Choir followed them with two fantastic and fun songs that everyone enjoyed.  After them the orchestra performed two remarkable traditional pieces.  And we closed out […]

Building Winter Memories

December 05, 2018

Our middle schoolers had a fun memory builder night last week were they played outside, drank hot chocolate, made Gingerbread houses and watched the movie “Elf.”

Red, White & Blue Festival

November 07, 2018

Our Middle and Upper School students had their work displayed at Bullard’s Red, White and Blue Festival. We’re proud of their hard work!

Density Lab

November 07, 2018

Sixth graders are studying physical properties of matter. To explore the property of density, students tested different liquids to see which liquids had greater or lesser density than the others. They predicted the order in which they should drop in the liquids and then tested until they determined the correct order by density. The liquids […]

Fraction Party

October 31, 2018

Coach Johnson has quite a way of making math fun for his sixth grade students! Here are some pictures from their fraction party.  

PSIA Practices

October 24, 2018

PSIA practices started on Monday! Here is the list of all of the competitions: Art Memory Music Memory Mathematics Number Sense Calculator Applications Science Maps, Graphs & Charts Spelling Dictionary Skills Vocabulary Listening Skills Prose Interpretation Poetry Interpretation Impromptu Speaking Modern Oratory Ready Writing On-Site Drawing Practice has begun. District competition is Friday, March 29, […]

A virtual lab helps prepare 7th graders for their frog dissection

May 09, 2018

In Coach Collins’s classes this week, his students will be dissecting frogs. In order to learn what the scientific name of a frog’s body parts are before they are in front of one, he is using a virtual lab with them. This way they will be fully prepared when the real dissection comes.

Quail and worm dissections are happening in Middle School

May 08, 2018

Eighth graders dissected quail as part of studying ecology. Students were not only learning about the anatomy of the quail, but were looking to discover what the quail had eaten by dissecting the crop and gizzard. These quail were provided by Texas Wildlife Association (L.A.N.D.S.) Program in hopes of educating students of the importance of […]

Eighth graders make race cars

April 27, 2018

Last week, 8th grade science we had their mousetrap car competition. The car going the furthest distance was one built by Marlee Gunter and Bethany Durett. Their car went 1260 cm. Marlee and Bethany’s car was also the fastest car going 154 cm/sec. The second place car for distance was one built by Owen Funk […]

Sixth graders prepare for Algebra

April 27, 2018

Mr. Johnson’s Math 6 class is ready for Pre-Algebra as they solve 2-step equations in class. Here is Cooper Crutsinger performing this task.

Coach Collins’s class learned about genetics in the AFM

April 13, 2018

Having finished the chapter on genetics, Coach Collins’s 7th grade science classes visited the American Freedom Museum for an application lab. Yes! Science and history can go together. Students analyzed the phenotypes of the Presidents and recorded their genotypes in a lab table. Then, using the genotypes, students created a phenotype of their President when […]