Cornell Notes in the Business Lab

August 30, 2019

“A SHORT PENCIL IS BETTER THAN A LONG MEMORY” – COACH JACK LENGYEL During the first day of Mrs. King’s classes, students learned the importance of note-taking and the Cornell method of taking notes.   Mrs. Mize from the Academic Center for Excellence explained the importance of note-taking to Mrs. King’s classes. Students learned that […]

Tips for Success: Back to School

September 11, 2018

From the desk of Jessica Mize, Academic Center for Excellence Director: The Academic Center for Excellence provides many services and benefits to all our students. One of those being tips and habits for both academic and life-long success. The tip for this week is organization. Organization can mean different things and look different to everyone, but […]

A-Team Tutoring

February 02, 2018

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: In an effort to provide our students with continued opportunities for growth, connection and resources, the Academic Center for Excellence continues to build the A-Team Peer Tutoring Program. The A-Team is made-up of both day and boarding students that make themselves available during Middle School study halls […]

Academic re-solutions for the new year

January 05, 2018

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: As we begin the new year, there is always talk of resolutions. While we are in a unique setting because, in the education world, we are actually at the halfway point, however a new calendar year is a great time to reflect on re-solutions. I started thinking […]

Coach Ryle and Mrs. Mize continue to provide more tips for finals week

December 08, 2017

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: Mrs. Mize and Coach Ryle of the ACE team have put together a series of short videos to help our students prepare for their semester exams. Each video highlights a different area of preparation. The first video gives some specific information regarding our exams along with general […]

Guard Dog Breakfast through the eyes of a Brook Hill mom

November 03, 2017

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director and SPARC Coordinator: First and foremost, there are not enough thank yous possible for Coach Ryle, and his staff, along with Coach Hubbard, and her staff, for orchestrating and executing the Guard Dog breakfasts this year. As a mom of an enthusiastic, head strong, outgoing 6 year […]

Organization 101: One key to success

October 06, 2017

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: Success is often defined differently depending on factors such as age, season of life, culture and personal expectations. For some, success means happiness; for others it may be wealth or job title. Yet, one key to success no matter how you define it is organization. On Tuesday […]

Back to School Tips to Start NOW!

September 07, 2017

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director & SPARC Coordinator: Although the back-to-school hype is switching into full-on school routine mode, we are still early enough in the semester to discuss beginning of the year tips and habits that will positively influence student performance. Just like the first step in building a house is […]