interactive education



December 13, 2019

With a limited number of materials and a mission at hand, Mr. Walter led our 4th graders through an exercise that strengthened their critical thinking skills and stretched their creative […]

Little Scientists Learn About the Letter “O”

September 13, 2019

Mrs. Haugh’s Kindergarten class explores the letter “O” by dissecting owl pellets in the Lower School Science Lab.   With lab coats on and tweezers in hand, students pulled apart […]

“Go Fizzy or Go Home”

September 13, 2019

4th Grade students put their creativity to the test this week!   “Go Fizzy or Go Home” was just one of the campaign slogans that students came up with to […]

6th Graders Map Out The Middle East

September 13, 2019

Maps in hand and instructions to move around the museum in search of Middle Eastern countries, each 6th grader practiced their map reading skills in tandem with their studies on […]

Letters to Firefighters

September 11, 2013

Mrs. Eden’s 6th grade Humanities class wrote letters to local heroes like our Bullard Firemen thanking them for their service to the local community. This exercise came about as Mrs. […]