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Que Lleva Juan? Spanish Lesson with Mrs. Partida

February 21, 2015

Fourth Grade Spanish students were given this criteria to work with a partner:   “You are at a party, and your partner is at a basketball game.  Your partner will ask you about what some people at the party are wearing. You will ask your partner about what some people at the basketball game are wearing.” […]

Spanish Class with Mrs Partida

January 23, 2015

Prekindergarten students learned clothing words in Spanish by trying on clothes, practicing the words in Spanish, and singing them in a song with the Sonrisas CD! What a fun way to begin learning another language!

Pantalones, Calcetines and Vestidos: Learning Spanish through Clothing

January 17, 2014

Kindergarten students are learning about clothing words in Spanish class. Spanish teacher, Mrs. Partida,  finds creative ways to make learning come alive. These students decided to model the gorro, calcetines, falda, pantalones, and guantes. These kindergarten boys decided to model the vestido, camisa, and pantalones.