Business Lab Progress

May 02,

Our Business Lab is looking different every day! The progress has really taken off, and we can’t wait for it to open up to our students!

Invention Convention Preparation

April 25,

Third graders are putting the finishing touches on their inventions and testing them out to see what needs to change and what is good as is in preparation for their Invention Convention on May 1.

Amazon Mission Trip Informational Meeting

April 25,

From the desk of Jessica Mize, SPARC Coordinator: I want to invite you to join me at the SPARC 2020 Mission Trip Info Meeting on May 13, 5:30pm-6:15pm in Founder’s Lecture Hall, right before the Upper School Awards Ceremony. We will be introduced to an incredible mission opportunity to serve the beautiful people of the […]

Studying light in physics class

April 25,

In Physics, students are learning about the nature of light and the formation of images with mirrors.  In this activity, students began by using ray tracing to predict location and image characteristics (upright/inverted, real/virtual, magnified/reduced). Then, students set up a concave mirror and light source on an optical bench to observe five different scenarios. Through […]

Alumni Spotlight: Trinity Harris

April 18,

From Class of 2017 Alumna, Trinity Harris: My time at Brook Hill taught me how to effectively manage time. With Brook Hill’s college-like schedule it prepared me for the rigors of a military academy. At the United States Coast Guard Academy, we have a jammed packed schedule including academics, fitness, and military obligations. To do […]

Forensics Class does some detective work in the AFM

April 18,

Mrs. Brunson’s forensics class came to use their knowledge of blood spatters. By measuring a blood spatter, students can determine how far away a shooter was, where he was, type of weapon used. Students were given information from an actual person in history that was wounded or killed in battle. Mrs. Brunson made blood spatter […]

4th Grade at Pine Cove

April 18,

Fourth graders are on their two-day retreat at Pine Cove Christian Camps this week. They have been getting hands-on outdoor education experience as well as bonding with their classmates and teachers.

Brook Hill represented at Tyler Rotary Club

April 18,

Two Middle School students, two Upper School students, and Brook Hill’s Teacher of the Year were honored this week at the Rotary Club of Tyler’s annual Tyler Rotary Young Citizen’s Club Banquet at the University of Texas at Tyler Ornelas Activity Center. Students were chosen based on exceptional practices of citizenship, cleanliness, thriftiness, loyalty, courtesy, […]

Oasis Day Information

April 10,

From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Campus Ministry: Easter Week has always been a very special week in the history of Brook Hill, and this year is no exception.  Next week we will once again have OASIS Week, culminating with a day of service, hence the acronym OASIS (Others Are Served Instead of […]

Congratulations, Maggie Newman!

April 10,

Maggie Newman has been honored for her exemplary volunteer service with a President’s Volunteer Service Award. The award, which recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country, was granted by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.  The Brook Hill School nominated Maggie […]

Middle School science creates mousetrap race cars

April 10,

Eighth grade science students are applying the laws of motion by building a mousetrap car. For the STEM activity, students were given choices of different materials to build their cars and then built them in class. As part of the lab, students will measure force, speed, and calculate work. The goal is to build a […]

Peace or War?

April 03,

AP Junior Humanities students role-played the possibility of avoiding World War I.  After studying the factors leading up to the war, they visited the American Freedom Museum to analyze satiric maps of the era. Back in class, they presented PowerPoints explaining the history, geography, and political facts about their country. Finally, they created peace proposals […]