Brook Hill Lower School



December 13, 2019

With a limited number of materials and a mission at hand, Mr. Walter led our 4th graders through an exercise that strengthened their critical thinking skills and stretched their creative […]

Cultivating Creativity

September 19, 2019

With oil pastels in hand, 4th-grade students began building their Ancient Moai Statues in Mrs. Larios’ art room this week!   After a brief educational video explaining the history and […]

Little Scientists Learn About the Letter “O”

September 13, 2019

Mrs. Haugh’s Kindergarten class explores the letter “O” by dissecting owl pellets in the Lower School Science Lab.   With lab coats on and tweezers in hand, students pulled apart […]

The Guard Charge is the Right Way to Live

September 03, 2015

Rod Fletcher, The Brook Hill School Headmaster, visited the Lower School chapel service this week. He expressed his thankfulness to all the students for coming to Brook Hill adding that […]

Praise and Worship at the Lower School

January 16, 2015

Music teacher, Kevin Pierce, led chapel service at the Lower School. Praising the Lord  in song and hearing the story of Daniel made for a worshipful and meaningful chapel.

Five Hearts????

October 09, 2014

Fourth grade science students examined live earthworms.  Using hand lenses students watched lively worms and made an important discovery! Worms have 5 hearts!

First Grade Investigates Apples

September 26, 2014

First graders spent a full week studying apples. We read lots of books about apples and loved hearing about The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree.  We watched a time lapse […]

Lower School Chapel Message: Serve Others

September 18, 2014

Kevin Pierce, our Lower School music teacher taught the boys and girls what is means to serve others. The Bible tells us in Peter 4:10:  “as each has received a […]

Students Get a Little Crazy at Lower School Chapel

August 28, 2014

Kevin Pierce, music teacher and chapel service leader, helps everyone make a joyful noise to the Lord by selecting lively praise music. Let’s Get a Little Crazy,  we’re all in this together […]