Middle School


6th Grade Greek Day

September 27, 2013

Today our 6th graders learned about Greek culture through a variety of activities. First they competed in Olympic Games, then they performed Ancient Greek plays and crafted their own pottery. Below, you will see Mrs. Eden’s and Mr. Roquemore’s classes competing and Mr. Roquemore demonstrating how to make a pinch pottery in class! What a […]

Cell Lab and Project

September 27, 2013

David Collins seventh grade had an incredible science project and lab this week! The project and lab compared cheek cells (animal cell) and plant cells (onion skin) under the microscope. Our students were able to see these cells close up and observe their differences and similarities while having a fun, colorful project at the same […]

Saw You at The Pole!

September 26, 2013

This year’s See You at The Pole event was led by one of our new clubs – the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Senior Hayden Langemeier and Coach Austin Reed helped lead students, teachers, and area youth pastors through a time of praying for our nation, our school, and our families.

Seniors Lead Advisory Groups

September 13, 2013

After Wednesday’s senior chapel, seniors continued their leadership role in school by providing senior panels to lead advisory groups during Thursday’s campus life block. Seniors shared about life in high school, friendships, and their walk with Christ. Our students were able to ask questions and receive counsel about issues they’re facing from their brothers and […]

Letters to Firefighters

September 11, 2013

Mrs. Eden’s 6th grade Humanities class wrote letters to local heroes like our Bullard Firemen thanking them for their service to the local community. This exercise came about as Mrs. Eden’s class discussed the tragedy our nation experienced on 9/11, including courage shown by policemen, firemen, and other volunteers who sacrificed their lives in the […]

Museum Mathematics

September 09, 2013

Which of the following does not belong: Peanut Butter and Jelly; Fall and Football; Milk and Cookies; Freedom Museum and Math? The last…or so you might think. On Friday Mrs. Mize’s math classes took a trip out of the traditional math classroom and into history to learn how math does not just apply to their […]

6th Grade Inferring Lab

September 09, 2013

Our 6th graders conducted an inferring lab in Mrs. Wallace’s science class. They observed and interacted with four different liquids to infer what each liquid was.

Museum In A Minute

August 30, 2013

Lisa Haynie’s 8th Grade Humnaities class participated today in our new Museum in a Minute tour, where they were given an introduction to the United States first and only “Family Fued”, the War Between the States.

Will they earn their boots?

August 30, 2013

Mrs. Bunn’s 7th Grade Humanities classes visited the Museum this week for an introduction to Texas History. Check back in May to see if they have earned the right to their citizenship and boots!


August 30, 2013

Students from the Brook Hill Middle School celebrate Thursday nights Varsity Footballs win over Frankston by posing with Coach Dawkins “Grandog” Charlie at The Rock on Friday morning