science lab


Five Hearts????

October 09, 2014

Fourth grade science students examined live earthworms.  Using hand lenses students watched lively worms and made an important discovery! Worms have 5 hearts!

Plant Terrariums

October 03, 2014

Fifth graders have been studying ecosystems. Students made self-sufficient contained sealed plant terrariums in science lab with Mrs. Brindley.  

Static Electricity in 4th Grade Science

February 26, 2014

4th Graders in Mrs. Wallace’s science class had a discovery style lesson this week where they were told to rub the balloon or comb with a piece of wool or […]

First Grade Science Class

February 07, 2014

First graders learned facts about mammals by playing a matching game in Mrs. Sandy Newsome’s science class.

AP Chemistry Studies Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

February 05, 2014

Mr. Bunger’s AP Chemistry class has been studying the kinetics of chemical reactions, which is the rate at which a reaction occurs. In the lab the students reacted calcium carbonate […]

Earthquake Science Lab

January 17, 2014

6th grade students in Mrs. Wallace’s science class learned about earthquakes this week. Students built structures in groups of two to see what would survive earthquake conditions, simulated by quickly […]

Moon Craters

November 20, 2013

Third graders are learning about the moon.  In lab this week, craters were made by dropping marbles from different heights.  Students found that the craters became larger as they dropped […]

Sampling the Core – 6th Grade Science Lab

October 30, 2013

Sixth graders are studying  how scientist learn about the earth by using core samples.  To bring this concept home, each student given a model earth (cupcake) in which they took […]

Skull Lab

October 30, 2013

5th graders dissected owl pellets this week as part of their study of different ecosystems.  At first it seemed gross, but they quickly adjusted and had a great time finding […]

Aquatic Ecosystems at Brook Hill

October 24, 2013

The AP Environmental Science class has been learning about the importance of certain insects that start their lives in the bottom of streams and ponds. They took a short walk […]