Lower School


Lower School LEGO Club is remaining busy throughout the semester

February 15,

The second grade library LEGO club allows students to work as young scientists and engineers as they construct, investigate, and understand the operation of simple and compound machines. Students built constructions using gears and explored how to change the direction of rotation, increase or decrease the speed of rotation. Testing constructions, problem solving and collaborating […]

Fifth graders are colonists for the day

February 09,

Fifth graders spend a good deal of time learning about the colonial period of American history. To end their study, the classes toured a Brook Hill version of Colonial Williamsburg. Students played a game at the tavern, ordered a new pair of shoes at the cobbler’s shop, went to church, voted in the Governor’s Palace […]

Third grade creates Valentines cards for senior citizens

February 09,

Students in Mrs. Brown’s 3rd grade class have enjoyed making Valentine cards for senior citizens this week. They will be delivered today to KGLY along with cards from Mrs. Attebery and Mrs. Dahn’s classes. Celebrities from KGLY will hand deliver the Valentines on Valentine’s Day.

Kindergartners learn about animals who hibernate

February 02,

Kindergarten students have learned about animal habits in winter this semester. As a culmination of this unit, students taught the class about their assigned animal using a poster they created at home.

Using iPads to write sight words

January 26,

After reading stories and poems about the moon in the library, PreK and Kindergarten students used the Show and Tell App to practice writing their words in a creative way.

Jesus and his disciples break bread in Lower School chapel

January 26,

Mrs. Berry’s class demonstrated the Lord’s Supper for their peers in Lower School chapel this week. A full album of photos are available to parents and can be found on Vidigami through this link: https://www.vidigami.com/albums/87322/media.

Fourth graders serve others

January 23,

Fourth graders from Mrs. Dawkins’s and Mrs. Ponce’s class finished the service project started in early December. Each student brought at least one sheet for the Benevolent Center at the West Erwin Church of Christ. The sheets were torn into strips by the ladies at the center, and then the students rolled the strips into […]