Young Scientists at Work

September 19, 2013

  In 4th grade science, the students observed different soils to learn about soil profiles and then they tested the sediment rate in a graduated cylinder filled with water. 

1st Grade Classroom Library

September 18, 2013

Mrs. Dahn’s first grade class celebrated their love of learning to read by opening up a classroom library.  The students each brought a favorite stuffed animal to school to read with. “We also had some math fun with our animals as we measured their length (really fun since Landon brought a snake), circumference, and weight.  […]

Meet Mrs. Tucker, College Guidance Counselor

September 18, 2013

From the desk of Brian Nelson, Academic Dean: As many of you know academics and college guidance are my passions.  I believe they are what God has created me to do.  I also believe that God has called me to serve at Brook Hill, and this school provides me with an amazing academic and college […]

Community Helpers Visit Kindergarten

September 17, 2013

Emergency personnel from ETMC, police officers, and Dr. Freimer recently paid special visits to Brook Hill Kindergarten students. Our Kindergarten students learned how community helpers keep them healthy and safe!

PreK Studies Octopus

September 12, 2013

Thursday our PreK classes studied their 5 senses as they observed an Octopus! Our students drew pictures of the Octopus and came up with some very funny answers to a questionnaire about our 5 senses. Our bravest students even tasted “Octopus” (Calamari)!

Sophomores Study the Nicene Creed

September 11, 2013

    Mr. Moore’s 10th grade humanities class began studying the Nicene Creed today. The class is currently learning about the reign of Constantine and since he called and presided over the Council of Nicaea, Mr. Moore thought this would be a fitting place to integrate faith and learning in the classroom. The Nicene Creed […]

Letters to Firefighters

September 11, 2013

Mrs. Eden’s 6th grade Humanities class wrote letters to local heroes like our Bullard Firemen thanking them for their service to the local community. This exercise came about as Mrs. Eden’s class discussed the tragedy our nation experienced on 9/11, including courage shown by policemen, firemen, and other volunteers who sacrificed their lives in the […]

6th Grade Inferring Lab

September 09, 2013

Our 6th graders conducted an inferring lab in Mrs. Wallace’s science class. They observed and interacted with four different liquids to infer what each liquid was.

Lower School Notes for Parents

September 06, 2013

From the desk of Sandra Fritcher: By now, you have received the most important word about how this school year has begun – the informal reports given to you by your son or daughter. The faculty and staff at the Lower School hope those reports are positive. It seems to all of us that these […]

Juniors visit Aggieland

September 03, 2013

Our juniors visited Texas A&M University on Tuesday for the first stop on our college tour. We were able to eat with our alumni on campus at Sbisa and get introduced to aggieland’s rich traditions on a school tour. Our students were also able to get a first hand look at the application process and […]