First Ever Big Sis Lil’ Sis Reveal Party

October 03, 2013

Thursday held a new beginning for the Brook Hill Middle School girls hosting its first ever Big Sis Lil’ Sis Reveal Party! Both eighth grade and sixth grade girls met in the student center where they were greeted with pink helium balloons, cookies, and their advisory leaders to celebrate their new friendships. After a few […]

College Acceptances Begin!

October 03, 2013

Seniors are making a point of coming by the Academic Office with big smiles and acceptance letters so that their colleges can be added to the board. We are so proud of the Brook Hill Class of 2014. They are outstanding!

Investigating the Leaf

October 02, 2013

To help our 5th grade students understand scientific concepts about plants, Mrs. Wallace devised a mystery case the students needed to use leaves to solve. As the story goes, a robber had escaped and the only evidence police had on the suspects were leaves stuck to the trucks’ tires. In order to solve the case […]

UT Austin Admissions Visits Brook Hill

October 01, 2013

Mario Villa, Admissions Director of the UT Austin Longview Office, came to Brook Hill to give our seniors and their parents an opportunity to ask questions about the application process for UT. Students and parents left the event overflowing with knowledge. Just another way we try to prepare our students for college and give them […]

Seniors Applying to College

September 30, 2013

Seniors have been wonderful about getting their applications started, teacher and counselor recommendation packets completed, and forms turned in to Mrs. Hanks, who tells them just how easy it can be! We are proud of our seniors and the hard work they have done! We cannot wait to see where they decide to study next […]

Christian College Fair

September 30, 2013

Students and their families recently enjoyed visiting with colleges at the Christian College Fair . Admissions representatives were more than happy to answer questions and give out information about their specific colleges and universities. More than once someone was heard saying as they left a table, “ I did not even know that the college […]

Chemistry Road Show

September 29, 2013

On September 19, Brook Hill students were treated to a entertaining learning experience in the form of the Texas A&M Chemistry Road Show. Dr. Jim Pennington, A&M organic chemistry professor and Road Show presenter, demonstrated frozen flowers, burning money, exploding grenades, melting lead, and detonating balloons, among other chemical wonders. All chemistry students and 8th […]

A Tough Thing – Seeing Beyond the “Middle”

September 27, 2013

From the desk of Tammy Hayes, Middle School Principal: When I think about the beginning of most any adventure, I think about the anticipation and the wondering of what something will be. It has promise. Even if I have heard negative things about it, my hopeful heart kicks in without much prodding and I am […]

Johnny Appleseed Day in Second Grade

September 27, 2013

This week, our second graders learned how John Chapman became known as Johnny Appleseed. In a literacy unit our second graders read many tall tales about Johnny Appleseed and saw how Johnny loved helping people and planting apple trees. We read about his dream of spreading apple orchards all across the western states. September 26 […]

Novel Writing in Humanities 9

September 27, 2013

Humanities 9 working on their group projects. They are using the Book of Exodus to create a mini-graphic novel from the text! They will present to the class on Tuesday 10/1.

6th Grade Greek Day

September 27, 2013

Today our 6th graders learned about Greek culture through a variety of activities. First they competed in Olympic Games, then they performed Ancient Greek plays and crafted their own pottery. Below, you will see Mrs. Eden’s and Mr. Roquemore’s classes competing and Mr. Roquemore demonstrating how to make a pinch pottery in class! What a […]

Cell Lab and Project

September 27, 2013

David Collins seventh grade had an incredible science project and lab this week! The project and lab compared cheek cells (animal cell) and plant cells (onion skin) under the microscope. Our students were able to see these cells close up and observe their differences and similarities while having a fun, colorful project at the same […]