Lower School


Our Lower School students are coding in computer lab

December 15,

The Brook Hill Lower School joins the national coding initiative, “Hour of Code” each year. First through 5th grade students solve puzzles using a coding language called Blockly. Students are challenged to move characters through a maze, or as with Minecraft open gates and build bridges enabling characters to collect items needed to climb out […]

Fifth graders have a Christmas lesson in a scavenger hunt

December 15,

Mrs. Savage’s and Mrs. Bickerstaff’s fifth grade classes took part in the annual “Operation Away in a Manger” scavenger hunt. Teams had to search around school for puzzle pieces and clues to complete their mission.

“Starry Night” inspired Bethlehem landscapes in Lower School art classes

December 08,

Second and third graders have been working on a landscape inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. After learning a little about the life and work of van Gogh in a brief Brain Pop video, students learned that The Starry Night was painted as he was recovering in a hospital. They discussed the mood of his […]

Fifth grade learns at our American Freedom Museum

December 01,

Fifth graders visited the American Freedom Museum this week as an extension of their history lesson on colonial American. They used the resources available to research the 13 original colonies. Each team reported back to the group what they learned about, their assigned colony’s geography, battles fought there, historical significance and which presidents came from […]

Mrs. Dawkins and Mrs. Ponce take their students to the Ross Perot museum

December 01,

Our fourth grade students made their annual trip to the Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This is a wonderful museum where the students see many different exhibits which include dinosaurs, birds, space and the favorite exhibit where the students can race a virtual athlete, animal or even a T-Rex. The engineering exhibit is […]

Lower School Thanksgiving Feasts

November 16,

Our Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes feasted on Chick-fil-A nuggets and candy corn this week in honor of Thanksgiving day! Their parents got to come to their classes and eat with them as they performed songs and played games together.

Fourth graders learn about the Caddo Indians

November 15,

Mrs. Ponce and Mrs. Dawkins’ fourth graders enjoyed learning more about the Caddo Indian culture from Dr. Burkett. This was a wonderful extension of our study about the different Indian tribes that lived and love live in Texas.

Lower School Fall Festival

November 10,

The Lower School Brook Hill Parent Association (BHPA) worked hard to plan the first Lower School Fast Festival last weekend. Each grade worked together to build a station that was fun for everyone! These ranged from pony rides to face painting to stuffed pig races. Tyler Photo Booth Company, Pookey-o’s, and The Stand were all […]

Fall Fest Face Painting

November 10,

Mikayla Willis, Kylee Lambert, Adam Chen, and Robin Dillon volunteered their time Saturday at the Lower School to make some awesome paintings on some awesome faces! The artists were in high demand as the lines were long and everybody had a blast. Lots of butterflies, animals – bunny, elephant, unicorns, owls, rainbows, super heroes and […]