interactive learning



October 04, 2019

This week launched one of our favorite activities here at Brook Hill – Middle School Clubs!   Because we believe that learning should be dynamic, and that character formation and […]

Enhancing Innovation

October 04, 2019

HEADLINES: A MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, ROD FLETCHER     Collaboration, vision, imagination, and creativity are all important parts of the educational process.   That is why at […]

To My International Pen Pal, Across Campus

October 04, 2019

Students from Mrs. Lowe’s, Mrs. Batis’ and Mrs. Atteberry’s Lower School classes took the time to write letters to the brand new boarding students, here for their first year at […]

Magnetism Lab in Physics

February 14, 2014

Mrs. Jeske’s Physics class is studying magnetic fields. Last week students performed a lab where they could observe how magnetic fields work first hand. Students placed a magnet on paper […]

Democracy In Action!

December 13, 2013

Third Graders recently selected a class president and vice-president. Candidates each made campaign promises. Candidate Luke’s platform consisted of several promises which according to teachers may not be able to […]

Duck For President!

November 14, 2013

Second grade students of Mrs. Brashier and Mrs. Johnson recently conducted a mock election after reading the story, Duck for President by Doreen Cronin. Students made  posters, campaign speeches, and filled […]

My House in the Middle of Town

November 08, 2013

Mrs. Bickerstaff’s class created houses based on the book, My House in the Middle of Town, by Crystal Bowman.  Written in rhyme, the author tells the story of a lonely grandma […]

Donkey Tales

November 08, 2013

During our Lower School chapel service, Mrs. Ponce’s fourth grade class recently performed the heartwarming musical, Donkey Tales, by Kathie Hill, and Melody Morris.  The story took place on a […]

Holiday Budget

November 08, 2013

Christmas bells were ringing in Mrs. Mize’s classroom on Wednesday and the tune was ruffled papers and the smell was ink and sale papers! Mrs. Mize’s classroom gave meaning to […]

Liquid Density Lab

November 02, 2013

Sixth grade density lab. Students tested 5 different liquids to determine how the liquids compared in their densities. Studying density helps students understand how scientists believe the earth’s layers have […]