Middle School Fall Field Night

December 01,

Last night was our annual Middle School Fall Field night organized by Coach Wilson. Our middle school students played Capture the Flag and got a free snack and drink from the concession stand.

Congratulations to Alan and Elaina!

December 01,

From the desk of Celia Tucker, College Counselor: The Tyler Rotary honors an Outstanding Senior Girl and an Outstanding Senior Boy each year at their Thursday Rotary lunch meetings. Outstanding academics, character and leadership are the criteria and the basis used for selection. This year’s honorees are Alan Zhu and Elaina Yeager.

Fifth grade learns at our American Freedom Museum

December 01,

Fifth graders visited the American Freedom Museum this week as an extension of their history lesson on colonial American. They used the resources available to research the 13 original colonies. Each team reported back to the group what they learned about, their assigned colony’s geography, battles fought there, historical significance and which presidents came from […]

Start preparing for finals week early

December 01,

From the desk of Jessica Mize, ACE Director: Mrs. Mize and Coach Ryle of the ACE team have put together a series of short videos to help our students prepare for their semester exams. Each video highlights a different area of preparation. The first video gives some specific information regarding our exams along with general […]

Christmas time is here at Brook Hill

December 01,

From the desk of Glenn Ballard, Director of Fine Arts: One of my all-time favorite Christmas traditions is watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, especially the scene where all of the kids are ice-skating on the frozen pond with the song Christmas Time is Here being sung in the background. Wow, I get the shivers just […]

Mrs. Dawkins and Mrs. Ponce take their students to the Ross Perot museum

December 01,

Our fourth grade students made their annual trip to the Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This is a wonderful museum where the students see many different exhibits which include dinosaurs, birds, space and the favorite exhibit where the students can race a virtual athlete, animal or even a T-Rex. The engineering exhibit is […]

American Freedom Museum: Fun Fact Friday

December 01,

From the desk of Jan Hommel, Museum Director: Q: Which President had three and a half tons of Jelly Beans shipped to the White House for his presidential inauguration? A: Ronald Wilson Reagan. Three and a half tons of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans were shipped to the White House for Reagan’s 1981 presidential inauguration. The […]

A taste of what’s to come

December 01,

Planning for the 2018 Dinner and Live Auction is underway with the leadership of this year’s auction chairs, Robin Lee (US mom) and Sherri Soules (LS Mom). Join us next week, Tuesday, December 5 at 8:45 am at Kiepersol’s Bushman’s Event Center (1565 FM 2493 E Bullard, TX) to get the scoop of this year’s […]

Deck your halls – an addition to your family tradition!

December 01,

With the holiday season approaching, let this charming, hand painted ceramic ornament be the perfect addition to your tree! It is a beautiful rendering of Ornelas Hall, the first academic building on The Brook Hill School campus. Display it year-round with the ornament stand that comes with your purchase. Available for $20 in the Development […]

Spread holiday cheer at the BH Moms Ornament Exchange

December 01,

Spread holiday cheer and join us for the annual Brook Hill Moms Ornament Exchange! Wednesday, December 6 at 9:30 am at the home of Sherri and John Soules, Jr. Look forward to refreshments and time as moms to spend together in devotion and activities. Don’t forget your wrapped ornament to exchange! To RSVP – For […]

Lower School Thanksgiving Feasts

November 16,

Our Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade classes feasted on Chick-fil-A nuggets and candy corn this week in honor of Thanksgiving day! Their parents got to come to their classes and eat with them as they performed songs and played games together.