A virtual lab helps prepare 7th graders for their frog dissection

May 09,

In Coach Collins’s classes this week, his students will be dissecting frogs. In order to learn what the scientific name of a frog’s body parts are before they are in front of one, he is using a virtual lab with them. This way they will be fully prepared when the real dissection comes.

Meet Sharad and Ibrahim

May 09,

From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Residence Life: Two guys I would like to introduce, one who is new to us this year and one whom you probably already know.  Sharad Doshi comes to us as a Junior from Black Forrest Academy, the largest Christian boarding school in Europe.  Sharad is great at […]

Upper School Choir TAPPS Update

May 09,

The Upper School Choir competed in the TAPPS State Vocal contest this spring and earned 4th place overall for 5A schools in the state. The contest was actually a two-day event with students competing in solos and in both small and large ensembles. Choirs earn points for Superior ratings in the various events, and the […]

The Sound of Music is almost in the history book

May 09,

From the desk of Glenn Ballard, Director of Fine Arts: Two thousand and eighteen’s spring musical, The Sound of Music, is almost in the history book, and what a story it has been. With a cast and crew of 44 people, the show opened to rave reviews last weekend, and closes this Saturday night, May […]

A virtual field trip took place in the Lower School library

May 09,

Fifth graders experienced a virtual reality field trip to Great Britain thanks to our new Google Expeditions kit. Garrett Gandy and Zachary Rhea both commented that the experience felt like they were really there. “It was awesome looking around,” Garrett said as students looked at the knights on the Bosworth Battlefield where King Richard III […]

Update on the New Boarding Houses

May 09,

From the desk of Shawn Rhoads, Director of Residence Life: I thought I would take some time to let you all know where we are in the construction of the new boarding houses, as well as the future plans of the boarding program here at Brook Hill. Jacobe Brothers construction has been working non-stop since […]

Quail and worm dissections are happening in Middle School

May 08,

Eighth graders dissected quail as part of studying ecology. Students were not only learning about the anatomy of the quail, but were looking to discover what the quail had eaten by dissecting the crop and gizzard. These quail were provided by Texas Wildlife Association (L.A.N.D.S.) Program in hopes of educating students of the importance of […]

Let’s celebrate Fine Arts at Brook Hill

May 08,

The 2018 Fine Arts Gala will be held on Tuesday night, May 15 in the Commons. Doors will open at 6:00 with hors d’oeuvres and heavy appetizers being served on the patio until 6:30. The food for this year’s gala is being catered by BH alum and Master Chef, Daniel Gardner (2015). The program will […]

Full circle

May 07,

From the desk of Ginger Bell, Director of Family and Alumni Relations: Twenty one years ago, this young lady’s daddy was one of the first students I tested for admittance to the brand new Brook Hill School. We met in the first building on campus…the log cabin. He went on to graduate from Brook Hill […]

Fourth grade attends mock trial

May 07,

This week, fourth graders attended a mock trial. Jack is on trial for killing the giant. Students played the roles of attorney, judge, bailiff, witnesses and jurors. Jack was found guilty.

Fifth grade completes their projects on heroes found in the American Freedom Museum

May 06,

Fifth graders completed a museum project that was three months in the making. In March, each fifth grader chose a hero found in the American Freedom Museum, studied their story in the museum, and conducted their own research at school and home to write a short presentation story. In April, they studied about an artifact […]

Pre-K students visit the zoo

May 04,

This week our Pre-K classes took a field trip to the zoo. They were able to see in real life the animals they have been learning about in their classes.